How to write an AMAZING dental C.V (FREE TEMPLATE DOWNLOAD!)

If you are about to apply for your first dental associate job you need to get your C.V/ resumé ready or you may already have a C.V and now find yourself in the position where you're applying to jobs but are struggling to make it to the interview stage and wondering why - well it could be because of your C.V.

What is a CV?

C.V is short for curriculum vitae often times known as a resumé. In a nutshell, it is a short overview of your skills, education and work experience.


A good CV should secure you the interview, but your personality & skill - set should hopefully secure you the job.

This post is written with young dentists in mind but if you're reading this and don't work in the dental profession we're sure that you can find some benefit to what we suggest in helping improve your C.V.

If you want to get a FREE dental CV template download keep on reading.

Tips and tricks

1: Keep it short:

The average attend span for reading is 8 seconds.

No - one wants to read multiple pages of anyones C.V. No matter how great you think you are.

Your CV should be no longer than 2 pages of A4 sheets of paper - single sided or if you choose to go double sided - then 1 page of A4.

2: Keep it plain:

By plain – we are referring to the font that you use.

Don’t pick an illegible/ unreadable font.

Stick to something that is easy to read and not too small or too big in size.

Good Examples of fonts: Arial/ Tahoma no bigger than size 10 or 12

Yes you may think that such fonts are generic and boring but you don't want to get looked over just because your C.V was full of squiggles and loops that no- one could read.

Ideally your font colour should be black on a white background. Some colour can be allowed but not all the colours of the rainbow.

3: Keep it organised.

You only have maximum 2 sheets of A4 paper to make an impression so you need to make your CV clear and concise and it has to make logical sense.

The best way to achive this is to put your information into catergories.

Catergories should include the following;

(Please note that list is not exhaustive.)

Personal details

Education details

Employment/ Work experience

Awards/ accomplishments

Skills & interests


To see how best to achieve this - click below on the link to the FREE CV template.

Dental Student Network C.V Templatedocx

4: Keep it personal:

Your CV is supposed to reflect you. So what sets you apart? Having a personal touch is advised and could be the very thing that gets you noticed. This does not mean that you should go crazy. Ways in which you can achieve this could be through personal branding and /or logos - as long as they are not too big and obnoxious. Or even the layout and design of your C.V.

Quick Do’s and Don’ts:

Do have a professional email address:

If you're still currently using your childhood email address for professional reasons - it's time to update things.

You cannot expect to be taken seriously if your current email address looks something like this.


Contrary to popular belief, the above will NOT impress your future employers.

Emails are quick and easy to set up and are generally free if you use gmail or hotmail.

We would recommend setting up something simple containing your first/ last name - initial

eg: A.

Do mention your social media - if the practice asks.

Social media and dentistry are so interconnected nowadays, some dental practices are looking for employees with a strong social media presence within dentistry to help boost their practice and obtain new patients.

If so, then they will mention this in the job description. There is a way to mention your social media credentials tactfully though - see our template here for more info on how to achieve this.

Please note:

(Having a designated social media for dentistry is not mandatory. If you currently use it as a tool to highlight your clinical work then add your socials in your CV.)

Don't forget to send a cover letter with your C.V/Resumé

A cover letter makes the application personal to the job. We have covered how to write a cover letter here – so click here and check it out.

Don't forget to check your speliling.

Did you notice the mistake in the previous sentence? It's so easily done to misspell a word. So check and check again and if in doubt get someone to check for you.

It is advisable that you update your CV every year – there will be adjustments to be made as you progress in the profession.

So if you want to see our template for CV – click here. Free download.

Dental Student Network C.V Templatedocx