MMI- Multiple Mini Interviews

So if you have an interview coming up for either dental or medical school- well done! The chances are that it is going to be in the MMI format. We will aim to give you the quickest yet most concise run down of how your interview might go.

What is the MMI?

MMI stands for Multiple Mini Interview - they are a range of short independent assessments commonly used in dental, medical, pharmacy and veterinary medicine interviews.

How do they work?

The easiest way to describe it is that its similar to a speed dating layout.

There are multiple stations and candidates rotate around the stations until all of the have been completed by each candidate.

You will be briefed before you start at each station and you will be given a few minutes to read the task you have to undertake at each station before you start.

There is usually 1, or sometimes 2, examiners at each station and each candidate will have to do every station.

The examiner does not follow you to the next station.

The set amount of time at each station can be anything from 5 - 10 minutes.

Once the time is up at that station you rotate to the next one.

What might I be asked?

Topics can include the following:

  • Law & ethics - Patient confidentiality/ Consent

  • Manual dexterity - ie: bending wire / picking up skittles with chop sticks/ Threading a needle with one hand.

  • Questions like: Why dentistry? Why do you want to attend this particular university? What would you dog if you didn't get in to dental school?

  • Team work - Provide examples when you've have to work in a team.

  • Problem solving- Provide an example when you've had to solve a difficult problem.

  • Hot topics in dentistry - Sugar tax/ Fluoridated water/ Amalgam restorations

  • Communication

  • Work experience

  • Role play

From experience dental MMI's usually favour more practical stations in order to assess manual dexterity on a practical level, however there are some stations that will be solely verbal.

What are the examiners looking for?

MMI interviews are predominantly about showing your interviewer what you’re capable of doing, rather than just telling them.

Anyone can write on their personal statement that they have great manual dexterity - but its another thing to show it.

They are looking for skills that can be honed and moulded and great personality and attitude.

How can I prepare?

Read through your personal statement - just in case you get asked anything directly from it and have examples ready of teamwork, problem solving and you must be able to articulate why you want to study dentistry.

Quick do's and dont's


Be confident! The dental school obviously think you have something hence the reason they deicided to offer you a place so dont second guess yourself.

Dress the part: Make sure you were smart and sensible attire.

Gents- suit and tie.

Ladies: Blouse/ skirt/ trousers and not outrageously high heels or long flase nails. Keep it classy but sophisticated.

Listen to the question: And if in doubt, get the examiner to repeat it the question again.


Worry if the station doesn't go so well: The marks you get from one station should not influence the other.

Panic: If you dont know the answer to a question. Just be honest and say you don't know but try and attempt every station.

Remember to smile and be yourself.

If you need further advice please don't hesitate to contact us at: and we will try and answer any questions you might have.

All the very best!


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