Wellcome Collection: Teeth Exhibition

So, usually the weekend means time to relax and take a break from tooth related things but honestly we heard about the Teeth exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, and we just couldn't resist!

The Exhibition is bursting with the history of dentistry, looking back as far as the 20th century. It provides a real honest understanding of what dentistry was like in that era. And more importantly - it highlights how far it has evolved.

From seeing first hand what dental equipment was like ( you will be thanking God above that we no longer use those weapons of torture on patients!) to discovering when fluoridated toothpaste was introduced, your eyes ( and mouths!) will be open to how dentistry has evolved over many,many years.

And what made the exhibition even more enjoyable was that it was totally FREE!

The exhibitions is free for all to attend and is great as a family day out. The exhibition ends on the 16th September.

For more information about the Exhibition or the Wellcome Collection, click here.


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